New Trends in Natural Self-Tanning Products

A glowing tan has always been considered desirable and attractive, associated with health, beauty, and fashion.
However, with increasing awareness and concern around sun- and sunbed-associated aging, damage, and skin cancer, the UV-free fake tan is a growing alternative. No longer just for ballroom dancers and bodybuilders, the growth of the fake tan is expanding and accelerating, including using self-tanning products. This trend is notable particularly in developed regions and among the increasingly health and environmentally conscious youth.
Traditional Product Challenges
Traditional tanning formulations can, however, contain undesirable ingredients, including DHA (dihydroxyacetone), parabens, and artificial colorings, themselves known to cause uncomfortable side effects, allergic reactions, and potentially harmful hormone disruption.
In addition, the increasingly aware and educated consumer is less accepting of these components, demanding healthier, more natural, and less harmful products without compromising results.
Natural Self-Tanning Product Advances
In response, the industry is addressing natural cosmetics and fragrance trends by focusing on developing and delivering high-quality yet less synthetic and chemically based offerings by relying on more natural ingredients. At the same time, regulatory bodies are laying down robust production and marketing frameworks to align with developing expectations.
Safer formulations include high-grade natural, eco-certified DHA – for example, beet sugar rather than chemical-based, exclude parabens and silicones, and offer natural skin-conditioning additives and oils such as fruit extracts and cocoa butter.
A Glowing Expectation
Growing interest and demand are spurring increased resource allocation, boosting research and development, and product portfolio diversification.
As a result, the global self-tanning category is expected to reach over two billion USD in 2030, increasing by slightly more than six percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in value over the forecast period1. This achievement will rely on innovation, supplier-led collaboration, and expanded product range and market presence through strategic mergers and acquisitions.
Complex Consumer Demands
However, consumer demands from natural cosmetics and fragrance trends are increasingly complex, including:

  • Full body coverage: Product ranges must include body, skin, and face tanners.
  • Convenient, mess-free application: Consumers want products that are convenient, easy to apply and spread, and enjoyable to use. Products should be pleasantly scented or unscented, spread smoothly, quick-drying, non-sticky, and easy to remove.
  • Shades for everyone: For inclusivity, products should cater to various complexions through application options or product variants. Results must also avoid the traditional orange of older self-tan variants. Instead, outcomes should be natural, sin-kissed, and glowing.
  • Formats for every preference and need: A choice of application options are required, including milk, lotions, creams and oils, drops and serums, sprays, mists, towelettes, sticks, and foams.

At the same time, consumers want additional skin benefits, including moisturizing, sun protection, and anti-aging properties.
Rely on Advanced Biotech’s Natural, EU-Certified Ingredients
Advanced Biotech uses pure, natural sources, free from synthetic compounds, and approved production methods to offer an extensive range of functional and aroma ingredients for sunless self-tanning product manufacturers.
So, to align with natural cosmetics and fragrance trends, find plant-based ingredients, including almond and sunflower oils, fruit extracts, and paraben-free aroma molecules, to enhance your product naturally and safely.
Order your selection of Advanced Biotech’s reliable and certified molecules today, or contact us for more information.