Nostalgic Christmas Flavors that Deserve a Comeback

While manufacturers and brands are in a constant cycle of keeping up with food trends and new innovations, there are some classic Christmas flavors that will never get old. Playing into that warm and fuzzy nostalgia factor that makes the holidays so enjoyable, vintage candies tug on heartstrings and taste buds alike. Advanced Biotech takes a look at some vintage festive flavors that are sure to help consumers recall the comforts of Christmas past.



            A staple holiday flavor, the naturally cooling and slightly sweet flavor of peppermint reminds consumers of the candy canes hanging on a festive Christmas tree or complimenting dark chocolate in the iconic green after-dinner mint. Pairing well with white chocolate, peppermint is also a main ingredient in the beloved Christmas confection peppermint bark and adds a layer of interest to holiday cookies. In morning mochas or hot cocoa night-caps, peppermint is the ultimate holiday flavor that will keep consumers coming back for more.



            Reminiscent of penny candies wrapped in colorful wax paper, caramel is a versatile holiday flavor steeped in nostalgia. A sweet addition to hot chocolate and the perfect gooey filling for Santa-shaped chocolates, caramel is a family-friendly confection that is sure to delight. Parents will recall the large popcorn tins of the past, most often received as a Christmas gift that featured everyone’s favorite sweet and salty treat – caramel corn. With popcorn becoming a popular snack for wellness-minded consumers, the added sweetness and crunch of this retro treat is sure to make a comeback under Christmas trees and in gift exchanges this holiday season.



            As a kid, you either loved or hated chocolate covered cherries. Vibrant, red maraschino cherries enrobed in dark chocolate with a signature swirl on top were often exchanged between friends, families, and co-workers and were known for the iconic syrupy sweet pink liquid that dribbled out when bitten carelessly. Countless Christmas sweaters and holiday dresses were stained by these nostalgic treats, and consumers looking to relive these memories can still find this confection on shelves or replicated in baked treats like cupcakes and cookies.


Whether looking to relieve the holidays of their youth or hoping to pass on a love of Yuletide tradition to their families, consumers who remember these nostalgic-inducing, retro treats will be sure to look for them in stores for years to come.