A Number of Uses for Hazelnut Flavor

Hazelnut has what is arguably one of the most distinctive nutty flavors. It is for this reason that hazelnut flavor has made its way into a vast number of products. One of the unique things about hazelnut is the fact that it seems to have a very firm and secure place in the flavor industry. However, even though it has a secure spot when it comes to flavor creation that does not mean that it cannot also be subject to a little bit of experimentation by custom flavor creation teams.


Hazelnut pairs extremely well with rich, savory flavors such as chocolate, cocoa, and coffee. Because of this, these three products represent the industries where hazelnut flavor has seen the most use. In the chocolate industry, hazelnut flavor can be found in virtually every type of confectionery treat that one could possibly think of. It is especially popular in dark chocolates and milk chocolate, where its rich nutty taste adds an incredible amount of depth to the rich chocolate flavors of these products.


The flavor of hazelnut has also made its way into the cocoa industry. Hazelnut is added directly into the cocoa powder of these products, where it creates a rich and delicious treat for fans of hot chocolate.


In the coffee industry, hazelnut has a particularly large popularity. As is the case with cocoa, it can be added directly into the mix for instant coffee beverages – and it can even be added to ground coffee beans for a lighter but still delicious hazelnut flavor. Hazelnut flavor is also commonly used to create products such as syrup or coffee creamer that can be added directly into the brewed coffee for a great flavor experience.


Though whole hazelnuts are delicious, synthetic hazelnut flavor such as Advanced Biotech’s 5-methyl-2-hepten-4-one is often needed to provide hazelnut flavor in the right amounts for a great flavor. It is a simple ingredient that is incredibly effective in the production of a large number of products.