Oat Bran Concentrates – a Gluten-Free Ingredient Solution

Oat bran, a commonly used health product, is the outer layer of the oat groat, located directly under the hull. The bran is naturally part of steel-cut oats and groats and is also produced and sold as a separate product.
Associated Health Benefits
This portion of the oat offers various potential health benefits, including helping to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve blood sugar control – essential for those with diabetes, and supporting bowel function. The protein content is mostly globulin, providing easier digestion than most cereal proteins, with a digestibility of 91%.
The amino acids profile includes the essential branched chain, aromatic, and sulfur amino acids, vital for muscle development and recovery.
In addition, the soluble fiber content helps slow digestion, offering a prolonged feeling of fullness for superior satisfaction and weight management.
Also available as a concentrate, the high fiber ingredient adds protein, nutrients, and beneficial fiber to numerous food products and applications.
Oat Bran Concentrate Applications
Easy to process, neutral-tasting concentrates are ready to use and especially developed to add protein, fiber, and nutrition to numerous beverage and food applications, including plant-based drinks and bakery products. Beyond their valuable content, they also provide the desired texture and mouthfeel.
Their water-binding capacity is ideal for processed meat or meat alternatives and bread, and their high viscosity provides appealing thickening. The oat bran concentrates are also perfect for extrudes.
While these flexible and versatile concentrates are commonly added to savory and sweet baked confectionary, they are also easy to include in hot and cold breakfast cereals, snack bars, drinks, sports nutrition mixes, and biscuits. In addition, they help manufacturers achieve FDA and EFSA health claim approval standards.
Hence, with all the health benefits of whole oats, concentrates offer numerous opportunities for innovative food and beverage uses, adding nutritional value, boosting your brand’s image and profile, and providing the marketing advantages of EU-approved health claims.
A Natural Product Offering
Oat bran concentrate, such as that offered by the Nordic brand, Raisio, is naturally produced. First, the bran is soaked in hot water, and then the protein is separated from the bran using an alpha-amylase treatment.
Producers rely on air fractionation and fine milling instead of chemical extraction, retaining the oat’s beneficial beta-glucan and the fibers, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals in their original form.
A Clean and Neutral Ingredient

Finally, the pleasant, neutral taste profile of oat bran concentrates further adds versatility to the ingredient, with the potential to add a range of flavors and aromas to your oat bran-based product.
In line with increasing consumer demand for natural, healthier ingredients and products and cleaner product labels, using pure, plant-based flavor molecules makes sense to maintain the purity of the oat bran concentrate.
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