While there are a number of sources for essential oils, absolutes, and other similar ingredients, oleoresins can sometimes be difficult to find. While they are not as commonly used as some other materials, they play a vital role in the creation of many different products in the flavor and fragrance industry.

Advanced Biotech offers several varieties of oleoresin to suit a variety of needs. These products were all developed by our leading team of flavor and fragrance technicians, using only the best equipment and extraction techniques to derive them from their original source and to produce them as an ingredient that can easily be used in many different applications.


These oleoresins include some of the most common and sought-after oleoresins, such as vanilla, cinnamon, and cocoa, as well as oleoresins that might not be commonly found elsewhere, such as cherry, almond, and ginger. All of these products can be used to meet a variety of needs, whether one is looking to use the oleoresin as a base product for the creation of a custom flavor or fragrance, or whether the oleoresin will be a component in the production of food or beverage products in one of the many industries that Advanced Biotech caters to with its ingredients.

Oleoresins in the Beverage Industry

Oleoresins are popular in the beverages industry for a number of reasons. They are not as strong in flavor as other ingredients, such as absolutes, and because of these can be a great base flavor or part of a complex flavor profile. Many are soluble in water, and work well when mixed with other liquids.


Oleoresins are the perfect addition to beverages that are richer and more flavorful than others. It is especially valuable because it is easy to measure, and incredibly consistent, which means that each batch a company produces will be of the same high quality as the one before it and the one after, leading to fewer potential losses in the manufacturing process. Oleoresins can also be used to add natural color to beverages, further increasing their usability in this industry.

Oleoresins in the Baking Industry

As one of the more common types of oleoresins is vanilla, it is no surprise that it is incredibly common in both large-scale and small-scale bakeries. While vanilla extracts are still the most common types of vanillas used in baking, oleoresins provide a number of benefits to bakers, least not being that oleoresins are easy to measure and use in quantifiable amounts.

Other Applications

Oleoresins are not only useful with edible goods. Their consistency and their subtle flavors and scents make them perfect for use in cosmetics and fragrances. Oleoresins are commonly found in products such as lotion, where water insolubility is often ideal, as well as a fixative in a number of perfumes and colognes. Oleoresins are truly one of the most versatile ingredients available, which is why it is important for flavor and fragrance manufacturers to have a range of these ingredients available to them. Those looking for more information on the quality oleoresins offered by Advanced Biotech can find out more by speaking to a representative about the many great options available.

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