Onion and Garlic Flavors and Fragrances

When people think of the ingredients used for flavors and aromas they tend to imagine vanilla, rose, and cinnamon. However, onion and garlic extracts are among the most important flavors in the food industry. In a very real sense these flavors and aromas are the “unsung heroes” in flavor and fragrance production.


While they are decidedly pungent and even offensive in large amounts, onion and garlic extracts are vital to the successful production of many flavors and fragrances, especially in the creation of savory flavors and fragrances. Onion and garlic extracts and oils also offer the flavor and fragrance industry an alternative to the use of dehydrated products and powders. Just a little goes a long way where these extracts are concerned, making them not only easy, but also economic to use.


Advanced Biotech’s Onion Oil and Garlic Oil extracts also have a longer shelf life than alternatives such as dehydrated variants and powders, which makes them a better choice for large-scale manufacturing. They are a better choice for food products that will be canned or boxed as well, as using extracts prevents the settling of food solids in these products.


Industries in need of onion or garlic in their flavor or fragrance profile have a lot of choice when it comes to the types of onion and garlic fragrances and flavors that they want to use. From Extracts and Oleoresins to Synthetic Compounds, there is something for virtually any type of production line, each providing a different level of control, quality, and strength. While onion and garlic flavors and scents are simple in concept, incorporating them into your products in the right way can be more difficult than one might think, and subtle differences can make a big impact in the success and quality of a product. Only one thing is certain – it is a good idea to do research before using these products in order to come up with the best possible solution for your company’s needs.