Organic Flavoring Extracts – What’s Popular Now?

As consumers alter their diets for better health, going vegan and choosing organic have increased in popularity as dietary options. While many feel a moral calling to avoid animal products, others turn to veganism to correct health issues brought on by previous dietary choices. Some are looking for food options devoid of pesticides and other conventional farming methods. Subsequently, the demand for organic and vegan options has gone up – while palates remain the same.


Flavor additives aimed at making vegan products taste like meat have sustained their popularity, yet there are so many other traditionally non-vegan flavors that must be considered in turning a popular product into a vegan one. Simply eliminating these ingredients is likely to decrease your product’s flavor. Less flavor means less appeal, and your product stays on the shelves. Even a small change in flavor can create a significant drop in your most successful product’s sales: we all remember what happened when Coca-Cola tried to switch to New Coke in the 1980s.


No Animals, No Flavor?
Customer retention depends on your ability to maintain flavor consistency and potency. Avoiding meat products means losing animal-derived natural flavor enhancers such as fat. Particularly in packaged foods, flavor enhancers withstand the rigorous packaging process while much of the fresh and natural flavor created by the product is lost.


All is not lost, however, when your customer base changes dietary priorities. Market-savvy product developers are using certified organic and vegan flavoring extracts to enhance the taste of their vegan products. Flavor extracts are concentrated solutions pulled from the flavor source. When infused into products, they amplify taste. These plant-based extracts can be manipulated by food chemists to create nuanced flavor profiles.


Make Food Pop with Popular Flavor Enhancers
Organic vanilla extract is a versatile flavor enhancer that works well as a base. Flavor extracts that are popular right now, such as almond, coffee, beans, and fruit, can create flavor profiles that boost the appeal of products. Our easy-to-navigate website lists extracts with their component specifications and regulatory certifications. Sourced from high-quality raw materials from around the world, we can produce consistent batches at high volumes. This ensures your product has as little variation as possible, thus reducing production waste while strengthening brand loyalty.


Consistent and flavorful products create a buzz across the market as people search for vegan options that taste great and remind them of foods they have stopped eating. With the help of flavoring extracts, brand recognition in the ever-growing vegan market can soar. Expand your offerings, meet market demands, and intensify the flavor of your products with certified organic flavor extracts suitable for vegans.