Our Favorite Sauces for Seafood

Though summer is drawing to a close, the call for incredible seafood flavors is still strong among buyers. Many incredible, delicious seafood sauces have been made available for both restaurants looking to create delicious products as well as home buyers looking to create delicious seafood dishes from the comfort and convenience of their home kitchens. Sauces for seafood can range from the traditional and simple to the experimental and complex, and may contain any of a range of flavor notes – some of them quite unexpected. Exploring the different options available to them can help flavorists create some of the most incredible sauces for seafood ever imagined.


Buttery notes are among the most popular in seafood flavors and can be easily enhanced or recreated in a sauce for seafood with flavor notes such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Iso Butyraldehyde and Natural Butyl Butyrl Lactate. Natural Iso Butyraldehyde is especially beneficial for its ability to recreate seafood flavors, something it shares in common with Natural Dimethyl Sulfide.


Garlic is another exceptionally popular choice and can be recreated through the use of flavor ingredients such as Natural Garlic Oil. There are numerous other flavor components that can also be enhanced or recreated through the use of flavor ingredients available from Advanced Biotech, including a variety of cheese and vegetable flavors.


Also popular are those ingredients that serve to enhance or recreate particular styles of sauce. Citrus flavors, such as those available through Natural Citrus Enhancer are perfect for tropical style dishes, while Natural Savory Complex can serve to help recreate the flavor of soy sauce in Asian style sauces. Natural Ginger Oil is yet another example of an excellent flavor ingredient that can be used to enhance seafood sauce. All of these high quality Natural Flavor Ingredients are available from Advanced Biotech.


Sauces for seafood can be used in a number of different ways, from flavoring filet of fish or other types of seafood items to flavoring seafood style pastas such as shrimp scampi. Flavorists looking to create delicious seafood dishes should be certain to explore the many incredible options available to them when it comes to flavor ingredients that can be used to create delicious sauces.