Peach Flavor Applications

The humble peach is gaining ground thanks to its versatility and broad appeal. There are hundreds of varieties of peaches that range in flavor from mostly acidic and mildly sweet to very sweet with little acidity. Whether starring in an indulgent dessert, a spicy sauce, or a refreshing cocktail, there’s nothing quite the same as the flavor of peach.


Here are some of the hottest new ways that we’re seeing peach making plays.


Peach Flavor in Beverages


Peach flavor adds a fruity twist to a quintessential cold drink–iced tea. Although many people are already familiar with the taste of peach iced tea, the popularity of this beverage continues to climb as it appears not just on country kitchen tables but on restaurant menus as well.


Operators are even garnering inspiration for their cocktails from peach iced tea and other peach flavor applications in the beverage industry. The refreshing summer flavor is turning up in classic cocktails as a fun twist alongside other fruits, mint, hazelnut, elderflower, honey, or basil and a range of alcoholic beverages including vodka, rum, peach schnapps, or dry, sparkling wine.


Peachy Sweets


The sweet, juicy peach makes an incredible warm-weather snack all by itself–but it doesn’t stop there. Peach makes an outstanding addition to many sweets and desserts, too. Peaches-and-cream pound cake, peach dump cake, peach crisps complete with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, peach shortcake made with light and airy angel food cake, peach upside-down cake (a twist on the pineapple classic), peach pie pops (think cake pops but with bite-sized pies), and brown butter peach cupcakes are just a few of the endless ways to incorporate peach into the dessert section of your menu.


Savory Dishes Featuring Peach


There’s a good reason why sweet and savory dishes are so popular: these two flavor profiles are simply better together. If it seems odd to use the sweet stone fruit in a savory dish, then consider succulent grilled pork chops with peaches; grilled peaches contrasted with savory smoked ham; salmon accompanied by sweet peaches and nutty quinoa; salsa made from peaches, tomatoes, carrots, celery, soy sauce, and bourbon; stir-fried beef and peach salad; stuffed tomatoes with corn, cucumbers, peaches, and basil–just a few of the mouthwatering possibilities.


A Variety of Flavor Combinations


Combined with other flavors, the peach offers an endless array of pairing possibilities. Some great options to pair with peach include nuts, apricots, blueberries, cherries, citrus fruits, basil, cinnamon, tarragon, cloves, vanilla, ginger, caramel, brown sugar, honey, bourbon, brandy, champagne, and rum.


Because peach is so well-loved, especially as we approach the fresh, bright flavors of spring and summer, now is the perfect time to play around with this versatile flavor and its many different applications. Flavorists can use a wide variety of natural flavor ingredients, including peach mercaptan natural and peach thiazole 1% EtOH natural, to create the fresh, standout peach menu items that they want, whether as cocktails, iced teas, desserts, savory entrees, or any other delicious seasonal dishes.