Peach Flavor Being Revitalized in Flavors and Fragrances

Which flavor and fragrance ingredients are rising in popularity the fastest? When asked that question, many people would point to tropical and other exotic flavors and aromas, or herbal flavors and aromas that have begun to hit the market in a big way. However, it is important to remember that classic flavors can also have a big impact on the industry. Recently, this has been the case with peach flavor. New methods of flavor extraction have meant that peach flavor is now closer to the “real thing” than ever before.


Part of this revitalization is due in part to the rising popularity of fruit flavored waters and sodas, especially in markets outside of the United States. It has even been suggested that peach flavor, in addition to flavors such as lemon and ginseng, has seen the fastest rise in popularity in European markets. Peach is also commonly mixed into beverages such as green tea, and it has always been popular as a component of juice drinks. Peach flavored confectionery products are also proving to be a big hit, and it is also being used in more ice cream and dairy products. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Delta Decalactone EEC, Natural Peach Mercaptan, and Natural Gamma Decalactone are just a few of the ingredients that can be used to create a great peach flavor.


However, it is not just sweeter flavors that are being enhanced by the use of peach. This product is also rising in popularity in savory foods. Salsa and other sauces are using peach more commonly to add a sweet component to a flavor profile, especially in spicier foods.


Peach scent is also rising in popularity, whether it is mixed with other fruits, florals, or even with fragrances such as cinnamon, vanilla, and buttery fragrance ingredients in order to recreate scents such as peach cobbler. One of the best things about peach when it comes to industry pros is the fact that despite its recent resurgence in popularity, it has been around for a long while. There are many different types of peach flavor and fragrance ingredients to choose from, which means that it is easy to use. Peach is only expected to increase in popularity over the next several years.