Perfect Scents for the New Year

Although the year is nearly over, there are many new trends emerging in the fragrance industry just in time for consumers to find their signature scent for 2021. Unprecedented times have affected many aspects of consumer behavior and sentiment, which, in turn, have also affected countless industries. The fragrance industry is no exception, with concepts like sustainability, wellness, and individualism are significantly influencing what consumers are looking for in the coming year. Join us at Advanced Biotech as we take a look at the trends that are shaping this exciting industry and the scents that embody these concepts.



                As consumers are more concerned than ever about transparency, environmental preservation, and brands’ stance on such social topics, natural and sustainable claims are now present in the narrative of most brands and extend to aspects such as sourcing, production process, packaging, etc. According to Mintel, this increased focus on clean beauty and transparency in formulations is a result of COVID-19 pandemic, and will result in new natural and synthetic formulas, both in line with eco trends. The fragrance industry is now shifting to highlight how synthetic and biotechnological ingredients can be sustainable by avoiding the depletion of natural resources while also being safe for consumer. Scents like citrus, rose, and cedar are successfully being recreated via biotechnology, working to conserve natural resources while providing scent houses and perfumists with high-quality ingredients.



                The general anxiety created by the global pandemic has inspired fragrance brands to promote products with natural, mood-lifting properties. Perfumes and colognes containing natural ingredients that promote calmness, sleep, and overall well-being are at the forefront of consumer interest as well as brand innovation.  Ginger, CBD or hemp oil, lavender, and adaptogens like holy basil, goji berries, turmeric, and ginseng are all examples of ingredients that are projected to gain in popularity in upcoming perfume launches to meet the growing demand of consumers seeking to enhance their well-being and practice self-care. Consumers will continue to seek out fragrances with functional claims as the self-care and holistic health lifestyle trends continue into the new year.



Younger generations of consumers are looking for products that represent who they are as well as se them apart from the crowd. Concepts such as self-expression, inclusion and gender fluidity are important to young consumers, especially Gen Z. Brands must innovate to include gender-neutral and unisex scents such as amber, bergamot, musk, and pink peppercorn in their formulations as well as marketing to fit this concept. Unique and uncommon fragrances are also popular among younger consumers who are looking to differentiate themselves – sage, ambergris, and honey are natural yet interesting ingredients that make for perfect fragrance ingredients.


Perfumes and colognes that embody these innovative concepts are sure to succeed in 2021 and consumers looking for unique, useful, and comforting fragrances are sure to find their signature scent this winter.