Pet Food Trends

Have you noticed many new canines walking neighborhood streets of late? There was a boom in animal adoptions worldwide for both dogs and cats when people began isolating. With so many more pets finding homes, there is an opportunity to provide these furry friends with exceptional dietary choices.


Younger Pet Owners Want Natural Foods


The youth are demanding more from pet food than ever before. Millennials are transferring their prevalence for a healthy lifestyle onto their pets, and the pets are benefiting. All-natural and organic ingredients are on the rise in dog food treats and meals. Consumers are looking for fewer ingredients in the recipes sold. Traditional pet food companies are reformulating their products without artificial flavors, and they market food that contains farm-raised beef and spinach, peas, and carrots. As gut health explodes in popularity, kefir-based products are emerging with active probiotic cultures. Owners perceive what is right for them, is suitable for their pet.


Focus on the Environment


New packaging trends are avoiding plastics. Biodegradable bags continue to rise in popularity as consumers continue to make a sustainable environment a priority. Stain and odor removal products no longer contain harsh chemicals, and they include natural scents such as lemon and thyme. Climate change and land degradation influences choices to conserve the planet’s resources. Products that include upcycled ingredients are making a splash in consumer’s decisions. Companies are using lobster shells or apple pulp, which otherwise would be considered waste, as ingredients in pet treats. Any new product that focuses on issues such as food waste, climate change, or preserving the earth’s resources is catching the consumer’s eye.


Age-Specific Food Choices for Pets


Focusing on the nutritional needs based on the age of pets is an area that will continue to grow. Products for kittens up to twelve months old will be different than what the mature cat will eat. As dogs mature, there will be ingredients with omega-3 and -6 to support healthy joints and shiny coats. Fruits and vegetables will be part of the packaged food that will add fiber to the older animal’s diet.


The nuclear family may be on the decrease, but the pet-owners are becoming pet-parents. The furry friend is no longer relegated to the back porch to guard the ranch. Today, pets become humanized, and Fido or Kitty gets healthy meals and climate-friendly packaging. The barks and the meows will ring with happiness at these new trends.