Pet Food Trends

Pet food is one of the fastest-growing categories of products on grocery store shelves, and today, consumers are putting a bigger focus than ever on natural and specialty pet foods. Premium and organic pet food brands are responding to the demands of pet owners for foods that optimize nutrition and encourage health.


People view their pets as part of the family and want the best for them—and increasingly, that includes feeding them the best possible food. Here are a few of the trends that we’re seeing this year in pet food.


A greater focus on health


Traditional pet foods are falling out of favor with many consumers. That’s because pet owners want food with a focus on healthy ingredients. The hottest pet foods and treats now have all their ingredients listed clearly on their labels, and the ingredients are natural, fresh, nutritious, and tasty. The demand for fresh, frozen, and custom pet foods is growing exponentially.


Pet food education


Today’s pet owner cares tremendously about what their pets are consuming. They want to know how a particular food will benefit their pets, and they don’t mind spending time educating themselves before making purchasing decisions.


This year, expect consumers to be looking for whole food ingredients as well as human-grade and non-GMO components—foods that meet all of a pet’s nutritive requirements mean a healthier pet with a longer life span.


The growth of smaller online brands


Online shopping has overtaken the pet food industry, as is the case in so many other sectors. Gone are the days when pet owners always went to brick-and-mortar stores to buy their pet foods. Now, they’re finding the premium pet foods that they want online, and not always from large retailers. Small online brands are establishing their niche, and consumers are gravitating towards them, believing that niche companies may have a more dependable and genuine focus on pet health and nutrition.


With so much focus on pet care, it’s a great time to experiment with new pet food flavors, textures, and types. Our natural flavor ingredients can help you create new products that today’s choosier consumers will want to feed their beloved pets.