Pizza Topping Trends We Didn’t Know We’d Love

There are few foods as ubiquitous as pizza, and for good reason. It’s very difficult to go wrong with classic pizza, but even the most die-hard pizza fans crave a little something new and different from time to time. There have never been more options for those looking for unique pizza toppings, such as these recent trends.


First, we take a journey to the south and borrow a classic favorite – fried chicken. You’ve no doubt seen fried chicken on a plate beside mashed potatoes and gravy or chopped into crispy chunks atop a refreshing green salad – but what about fried chicken on pizza? Fried chicken makes a delicious pizza topping, especially combined with complementary ingredients such as bacon, wing sauce, honey, or barbecue sauce. White pizza is another trend that goes great with fried chicken. Flavor extracts such as bacon type enhancer and honey distillate can help enable you to create the savor profiles you want.


Caramelized onions are another pizza topping that is beginning to take up their share of the spotlight. These sweet morsels are highly compatible with other toppings such as spicy sausages, fresh basil, spinach, and Swiss cheese. To create your own up-to-date pizza combinations, consider the use of such natural flavoring products as chorizo sausage type enhancer and basil extract to ensure consistent, perfectly-balanced essence.


You may have noticed the recent uptick in tater tot sightings, but have you spotted them on pizza yet? Consumers love the unexpected appearance of these savory, crispy little bites. Consider a piping hot pizza covered with beautifully-browned tater tots, ranch dressing, bacon, green onions, and then drizzled at last with spicy nacho cheese. We can help you put this and other combinations together using baconal, onion oil, and other natural extracts.


Marinated hot peppers round out our list of pizza topping trends to look for this year. Shaved, marinated Italian long hot peppers are staples in many places and are a fantastic way to add extra heat to any pizza. People love these spicy and tasty alternatives to the classic banana peppers – also an ever-popular topping for pizza. Think about the ingredients you would use to marinate these peppers – garlic, jalapeno, and shallots, for example – and find the extracts that help you create the overall taste you want, such as garlic oil natural.


Pizza is a favorite food that isn’t going anywhere soon and offers endless opportunities for experimenting with styles and tastes.