Plant-Based 2020 Trends

Plant-based trends are sprouting all over. There’s a new crop of flavors making their way to grocery store shelves and restaurant menus, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down as consumers become more interested in living a healthy lifestyle.


Here are some of the top plant-based trends we’re watching for this year.


Regenerative Agriculture


“Regenerative agriculture” refers to sustainable farming practices that restore degraded soil, increase carbon capture, and improve biodiversity. In growing numbers, consumers seek out brands that support these practices.


People want more than just healthy and plant-based–they want environmentally responsible. From gummy vitamin supplements to soy-based frozen treats to essential oil aromatherapy products, companies are responding to the demand for regenerative agriculture practices.


Ready-to-Eat Snacks


Just because a snack is convenient no longer means that it isn’t healthy. Today’s consumers want healthier snacking options that save them time every day, and snack food manufacturers are keeping up with the demand with products that are just as fresh and wholesome as they are “grab and go.”


Hard-boiled eggs with savory toppings, drinkable soups, pickled veggies, and fresh-cut veggies and dips are just a few of the healthy and perfectly-portioned snacks that even the most discerning shoppers feel good about buying.


Taking Plant-Based Beyond Soy


There will always be a place for tofu scrambles at the breakfast table for your average vegan, but this year, soy is slowing down as alternative veggie proteins fill in the gap. Brands are replacing soy with other options, such as mung beans, hempseed, avocado, pumpkin, and watermelon seed. Sauces, condiments, soups, protein shakes, and many other product categories are getting the soy-free treatment in 2020.


Everything Spreads and Butters


Consumers will always love spreading creamy and flavorful butters on bread and other bases, and vegans are no exception. Think of any nut or seed–if it hasn’t yet been made into a butter, there’s your next project. Nut and seed butters are branching far out beyond tahini these days. Think watermelon seed butter, macadamia nut butter, or chickpea butter.


Traditionally seasonal products are also more widely available year-round, including pumpkin butter. These creamy vegan spreads go great on toast, crackers, waffles, bagels, and anything else that you might want to slather with regular butter.