Popcorn Trends

Young foodies with active lifestyles increasingly seek out snacks with adventurous flavors and convenient pack formats, and popcorn fits the bill. As with so many other foods and beverages, we’re now seeing popcorn become a healthier, more sophisticated, and more complex snack option.


Here are some of the popcorn trends that we’re looking forward to munching on in 2020.


Fruit flavors


Popcorn is “popping” up all over flavored with fruit. These snacks are cooked in smaller batches for the ultimate freshness, texture, and flavor properties. One such flavor is fruity favorites such as pineapple and strawberry. Flavor blends featuring fruit are also popular, such as raspberry, peach, and toffee or rhubarb and custard.


Fruit-flavored popcorns combine the lightness of fruit with the sweetness of candy for an irresistible, one-two punch of taste.


Organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO options


As more people adhere to special diets, snack brands are taking notice and responding with products that meet their needs. Lighter, healthier popcorn without any added chemicals is a trendy choice. Health-conscious consumers are now buying popcorn that’s 100% traceable organic, made with organic coconut oil, rich in fiber, and free from dairy, GMOs, and gluten.


Healthier choices


As people strive to eat more intentionally and more healthfully, everything is getting a makeover, including breakfast foods, meat products, plant-based foods and beverages, and cocktails. Popcorn is no exception. Brands are aiming for better health positioning of their snack foods across the market with popcorn that boasts less fat, less sugar, and more functional ingredients such as added protein and dark chocolate.


Zesty flavors


Contemporary gourmet and international flavors are expanding to include options with a kick. While time-tested favorites such as chocolate and cheese continue to drive sales, innovative flavors are gaining ground rapidly. Some of our favorite zesty flavors include Salsa Verde and Tandoori Turmeric.


Premium fats


Plain butter may be a go-to popcorn topping for millions, but today’s new products are topped with a slew of premium ingredients. Choosy foodies are seeking out some of the excitement offered by new popcorn snacks, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, grass-fed ghee, nuts, or a drizzle of peanut butter or dark chocolate.


As consumers look for healthier, more sophisticated snacks, antioxidant-rich popcorn is earning a new place in the spotlight. Our natural flavor ingredients can help you to create new products that fulfill even the most discerning consumer’s dietary wishlist.