Potential of Plant-Based Protein Ingredients Sourced from Fava Beans

Interest in plant-based protein ingredients is growing in response to consumer and manufacturer health, climate, and ethical concerns.
With nuts, grains, and legumes such as almonds, rice, soy, and peas already leading the way in plant protein sources, the Vicia Faba bean (fava, broad or English bean) is also being explored. The bean – actually a seed – is an almost-complete protein with agronomical, food formulation techno–functional, and nutritional benefits.
Fava Beans Are Healthy
This humble, nutrient-rich pulse, the seed of the flowering Vicia Faba plant, offers non-genetically modified quality proteins and bioactives and is also highly sustainable.
The seed comprises soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, starch, and protein content of 85 to 90%, similar to whey and higher than peas, rich in vitamins and minerals, gluten-free, and low in fat (lower than soy), especially saturated fat.
However, beyond its significant protein content, the fava bean provides a balanced amino acid profile, levodopa (L-DOPA), gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), phenolic compounds, and bioactive peptides. These peptides offer anti-inflammatory properties, are cholesterol-lowering, and potentially antidiabetic, antihypertensive, and antioxidant.
Furthermore, fava beans are a source of prebiotics, promoting the growth of beneficial probiotics in the gut after digestion.
Hence, in addition to offering a plant-based, non-allergy-regulated protein alternative, the bean also has potential as a nutraceutical and life-saving biofunctional food.
Fava Beans Are Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
The crop, widely grown in Africa and Asia but less so in the West, also has the lowest CO2 emissions among legumes and has the ability to contain atmospheric nitrogen. This quality means it adds rather than leaches nitrogen from the soil, helping address the damaging environmental effects of nitrogen fertilizer applications, supporting crop rotation, adjacent and intercropping yield enhancement, and genetic diversity.
The high protein content of fava beans makes it easier to extract the protein with fermentation and microorganisms used to create and maximize protein quality.
In addition, any pulse-related anti-nutrient effects can be limited through breeding strategies and processing, with thermal treatments and biochemical processing increasing digestibility.
Fava Bean Protein Applications
As a protein powder – whether an isolate or a concentrate – fava bean powder has a smooth, less gritty consistency, a pleasant mouthfeel, a neutral “no-bean” flavor, and is heat-stable.
These properties mean the powder is highly versatile and can even be added to hot dishes such as casseroles, curries, risottos, and soups. It’s also ideal in sweet dishes or as a daily protein drink.
Their balanced amino acid profile allows fava beans to be blended with cereals to enhance food product amino acid content. For example, when added to fortified wheat pasta, the combination increases amino acid content by up to 97% and doubles the protein efficiency ratio compared to wheat pasta.
Fava Beans Are Naturally Neutral
In addition, its neutral flavor makes fava bean protein powder perfect for various products, dishes, and bakes.
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