Here at Advanced Biotech, we offer a wide range of different products that are specifically designed for optimum flavoring and smell. We know that without top quality ingredients, your products will not stand out among the sea of items consumers have to choose from. For this very reason, we strive to make only the best products that will put your items over the top with flavor and aroma. Our products are all created using high quality ingredients to ensure the highest quality for any product need you have.

Natural Aromatics

There are many different reasons to choose natural flavors and fragrance ingredients for one’s product line. The current demand for natural products is higher than ever, with customers looking for both flavors and fragrances that more closely mimic those that they might find in nature. From the delicious taste of fresh berries to the fragrant [...]

Natural Pyrazines

A pyrazine is a versatile and unique type of ingredient that has a wide number of applications. The process of creating the various types of pyrazines can be quite complex, requiring strict attention to detail and an in-depth knowledge of the chemical processes needed to create the various pyrazines needed for a number of flavor [...]

Synthetic Aromatics

While natural products are an incredible choice when it comes to flavors, sometimes they are not viable options when it comes to fragrance production. While the flavor of a strawberry is unmistakable, its scent can be a little bit more difficult to produce through natural methods. This is true with a wide range of fruits [...]


While there are a number of sources for essential oils, absolutes, and other similar ingredients, oleoresins can sometimes be difficult to find. While they are not as commonly used as some other materials, they play a vital role in the creation of many different products in the flavor and fragrance industry. Advanced Biotech offers several [...]


Thiazoles are incredibly potent flavor ingredients that have very diverse qualities, even at very low concentrations. This makes them perfect for the creation of a variety of flavor applications throughout the industry, as it can easily help to add complexity and depth to a flavor as well as serve to make it much more realistic. [...]

Heterocyclics, Pyrazines, & Sulfur

Heterocyclics, pyrazines, and sulfur compounds are all crucial ingredients in the flavor and fragrance industries. Whether they make up the main notes in a flavor or a fragrance or they are used to round out the overall flavor or fragrance profile of a product, it is important that these types of ingredients are of the [...]

Essential Oils & Isolates

Essential Oils and Isolates are among the most commonly used ingredients in a wide range of applications. It is vital for companies that produce scents and fragrances to have essential oils and isolates that are formulated for optimal performance throughout these different applications. These essential oils and isolates contain the very essence of the botanicals [...]


Absolutes are a vital part of the fragrance industry. Similar to Essential Oils, they have been extracted using the most basic extraction methods, and provide a base flavor or fragrance that can be used for a wide range of applications. They can be stronger than Essential Oils, will provide a greater amount of fragrance, and [...]


Distillates are a type of flavor ingredient produced through the distillation of a source ingredient. This results in a liquid ingredient that has a much concentrated and often much more complex flavor than that of the source material. Because of the manner in which these types of flavor ingredients are produced, they are all natural, [...]


Extracts are perfect for a wide range of applications throughout many different industries. Advanced Biotech is committed to producing a wide range of Extracts, including several different types of vanilla in addition to those of many different types of fruits and botanicals such as raspberry, pear, fig, and more, in order to provide its customers [...]

Vanilla Extracts

Vanilla has a rich and diverse history in a wide range of applications. It is perhaps the most widely used type of extract on the market, and can be found in products ranging from the foods and beverages industries to a range of fragrance and cosmetics applications. However, no two types of vanilla are exactly [...]

Koolada Cooling Agents

A company can now harness the cooling power of Koolada cooling agents, available from Advanced Biotech, in a variety of products. These cooling agents are among the best on the market, providing a cooling sensation that is great for a wide range of product types. Whether it is in confectionary items or cosmetics, customers will [...]

EU Natural Products

Having access to quality, all-natural flavor and fragrance ingredients is incredibly important to flavorists and perfumists – especially those who are looking to market their products specifically to those who are seeking cleaner, natural products free from synthetic ingredients and compounds. However, in order for a company to label a product as all natural, they [...]

Organic Certified Products

An increasing number of consumers are seeking out organic products, in everything from food and beverage products to bath and body products, home cleaning products, and much more. It only stands to reason that anybody in any of these industries should be acquainted with the standards and practices required to craft organic products, from the [...]

RXTechnology Products

RXTechnology - Elevating The Plant-Based Experience Discover RXTechnology (RXT), our new plant-based portfolio that provides rich and savory bases for numerous applications. RXT can help to address the challenge of reducing sodium while maintaining authentic and delicious flavors for consumers. From roasted to pan-seared, grilled to fried, RXT will enhance your flavor formulations and elevate [...]

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