Pushing Innovation with Coffee Flavor and Fragrance

Not everybody is in love with the flavor and fragrance of coffee, but it would be difficult to find a roomful of people that does not have at least a handful of coffee devotees in the mix. Coffee has ruled the market since it was first introduced onto the world scene, and supplanted tea as the world’s most popular drink a long time ago. Thanks to the rising pervasiveness of coffee houses in the past few decades, coffee has now become more popular than ever.


Coffee flavor and fragrance ingredients are available in a number of different forms, including both synthetic ingredients and coffee extract. Coffee extract is especially popular, as it can be used in all natural products and a number of different food products.


One of the great things about coffee is that it has a range of uses, whether as a flavor or as a fragrance. Coffee is a popular scented candle aroma, and has even been used to create muskier undertones in a number of perfumes and colognes, especially for men who desire something a little more masculine. The invigorating effects of coffee have even made it popular as a room deodorizer, and it has been used in a range of “novelty” fragrance products as well.


When it comes to flavor, the obvious uses of coffee are in products such as confectionery treats that recreate coffee flavors or flavors such as tiramisu. However, coffee flavor ingredients are also important in instant coffee, bottled coffee beverages, and other hot and cold drinks. When it comes to coffee flavors, the popular trend is mixing these ingredients with other flavor components such as creamy flavor ingredients, vanilla, and even fruit flavors such as strawberry or raspberry to create custom blends. It is likely the market for coffee scented and flavored products will only continue to grow over the next several years. Two popular coffee ingredients available from Advanced Biotech are Natural Coffeetone and Natural Coffee Furanone.