Ranch Tops Consumer Favorites for Dressing

Among American buyers, ranch dressing consistently ranks highest among salad dressings, and for good reason. This zesty and delicious favorite comes in a wide range of variations, including bacon-flavored ranch dressings that can utilize ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Guaiacol for a deliciously smoky flavor, spicy ranch dressings that utilize the flavor of chilies in their creation, and even barbecue flavors combined with ranch for a delicious and zesty twist on a classic.


Of course, what makes ranch dressing so popular among buyers is the fact that it’s used on so much more than salad. Ranch is quickly becoming a top condiment of the same caliber as ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard with its widespread use on everything from chicken wings to pizza, sandwiches, and much more.


And with the popularity of ranch dressing – and the fact that so many varieties are already available – there are plenty of opportunities for flavorists to find the next delicious ranch dressing option to hit grocery store aisles.


One of the great things about ranch is its distinctly American appeal, so bringing in regional American flavors (like the aforementioned barbecue or Latin zest) is a great way to do something new and different with ranch flavor. Ranch is bound to stay number one when it comes to the top dressing flavors, especially as new and unique options hit the market.