Refreshing Summer Flavor Trends

When it comes to hosting a summer get-together, the flavor focus is on the cool, the refreshing, and often, the fruity. Consumers are upping their hosting game all the time with incredible flavors in their menus, including the food and the cocktails.


One of the biggest flavors of summer 2019 is watermelon. Watermelon, was pretty low on the totem pole last year, but it’s making a big comeback now. The taste of watermelon, available through natural Melon Aldehyde and Methyl 3 Nonenoate, is the epitome of summer: refreshing, light, and sweet. One of the great things about watermelon flavor ingredients is that because of its perception of sweetness; it can be used to add a sweet profile to your beverage without adding sugar, making it unique in unsweetened products. Watermelon is turning up in everything from detox waters to craft beers, all perfect offerings for a summer soiree.


Berries are another popular flavor trend this summer. This taste isn’t exactly new, but mixed-berry combos are sizzling hot in 2019. Tropical berry, wild berry, red berry, and dark berry blends are common identifiers in every beverage segment. Berries can be used to create health benefits (for example, blueberries with other antioxidants are popular in smoothies) or indulgent flavor profiles such as strawberry shortcake. They also make great masking agents in protein drinks and other beverages. Berries also make a big splash when it comes to refreshing summer cocktails.


Even when it comes to desserts, light, fruity flavors dominate in summer. This year, watermelon desserts are getting more than their fair share of attention in pies, cakes, candies, custards, fruit salads, milkshakes, smoothies, shortcakes, popsicles, and more. It’s hard to beat watermelon sherbet as a summertime treat for a crowd. Berries also make an appearance in many dessert products such as pie fillings and ice cream toppings.


It’s also worth mentioning that consumers are increasingly looking for the unexpected and unique to serve to their guests – think almond and apricot rice pudding, honey-mango mousse, and nectarine-cheese pie with a ginger crust.


With so many people taking a creative, adventurous approach to food and entertaining, party foods and beverages are the perfect places to experiment with flavor trends this summer.