Scent Combinations for Homemade Holiday Gifts

With Christmas right around the corner and Hanukkah already underway, many are on the looking for universally-liked gifts with a personalized touch to give their friends, family, and co-workers. Candle and soap making have become popular hobbies as many have had to stay indoors, and, coincidentally, make the perfect present for loved ones. Infused with wellness-promoting essential oils, fragrant botanics, and warming spices, homemade soaps and candles will delight recipients with both their thoughtfulness and health benefits. Advanced Biotech takes a look at natural ingredients that will help consumers put their new passion to use and create warm and bright holiday gifts for their loved ones.


Apple Cinnamon

            A classic holiday scent, apple cinnamon is a combination is crisp, fruity apples and warming, sweet cinnamon. Reminiscent of mulled cider or wine, apple cinnamon is a scent that creates a welcoming atmosphere in your home and a floral, calming scent when used in the shower. Cinnamon is well-known in the wellness community for its many health benefits, including those that protect and improve skin’s appearance. Packed with anti-oxidants, cinnamon is also thought to be anti-inflammatory and can make skin look more toned and plumper. The scent of apple is said to help control blood pressure, lessen migraine pain, and control feelings of anxiety during stressful moment. The gift of a cinnamon apple scented candle or soap is sure to bring a smile to the face of friends and family as they enjoy the calming benefits of this quintessential holiday scent.


Spiced Orange

            A warm, inviting scent with a clean twist, spiced orange is the perfect combination of fresh and spicy. Comforting, vibrant, and naturally sweetened with tones of clove, cinnamon, and allspice, orange spice makes for a uniquely festive scent that works well in both candles and hand soaps. The scent of cinnamon is said to improve memory and help focus, while orange is thought to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. Recipients of orange spice-scented gifts will love the holiday atmosphere and health benefits it will bring to their everyday lives.


Sugar Cookie

            Afternoons baking with friends and family, cozy nights in front of the fireplace, and leaving sweet treats for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, sugar cookie is a sweet confection scent that embodies the holiday season. A combination of vanilla, butter, and all of the sweet ingredients that make sugar cookies smell so delicious, sweet scents reminiscent of baked-goods are always a popular choice among consumers. Vanilla is well-liked for its calming properties, and is also thought to prevent signs of aging like fine lines and age spots, as it’s packed with free radical fighting anti-oxidants. Almost good enough to eat, sugar cookie is a crowd-pleaser that smells good enough to eat.