Scentscaping with Candles

Scentscaping is a hot new trend in which an individual or business creates specific scents for specific areas of their home or workplace. Scentscaping is an easy way to make any space more inviting, and there are many scentscaping products available, including essential oils and diffusers. But perhaps the simplest (and least expensive) way to accomplish it is through the use of scented candles.


Scentscaping is best accomplished by determining what you want a particular space to feel like or the mood you want to create in the space, and then choosing scents likely to trigger that mood or the desired emotion in people who enter the space. For instance, when people smell lemon, they perceive the room as cleaner; cucumber scent can make a room feel bigger and airier; the scent of rosemary can clear the mind and help with mental acuity; and citrus fragrances can impart an uplifting mood. There are countless ways to use scented candles to create beautiful (and effective) scentscaping.


For example, if you want an energizing scent, you could choose candles scented with citrus, peppermint, or eucalyptus. Fragrance ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Octanal (citrus) or Natural Thio Menthone (mint) can be used in the creation of energizing candles sure to wake up anyone who smells them. Or, for a calming scent, you could choose lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, or lemon – all refreshing and stress-reducing fragrances that fill a room with a calm, centered presence. These scents are easy to create with ingredients such as Natural Octyl Acetate (jasmine) or Natural Lemon Extract.


Food scents are another great way to give a home or business a welcoming feel that’s irresistible to visitors, clients, or whoever comes into the scentscaped space. Fresh-baked cookies, vanilla, citrus, and kitchen spices such as thyme can lend an inviting energy to your space. Whether you want a romantic scent for a date, a more somber scent for an office, or a festive scent for a party, scented candles offer the perfect solution.


Lavender, cinnamon, pine, citrus, vanilla, peppermint, apple, jasmine, and even less common scents such as pumpkin or fresh-cut grass – there are myriad scents to consider in creating deliciously fragranced candles consumers can choose from to create their perfect scentscaped space. Aromatherapy is certainly not new, but the art of using scents to invoke specific moods in the everyday home or business is just starting to become mainstream. This means that now is the perfect time to experiment with new, inviting scents for candles, one of the most popular ways consumers create the specific moods they want.