Simply Refreshing – Mint Flavored Cocktails

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a delicious cocktail – except for, perhaps, a cocktail crafted with invigorating mint flavors. The notable flavor of mint is used in many different recipes, from classics such as mojitos to new cocktails with a flavorful twist. Here are some of our favorites.


We’ve already mentioned mojitos, but it bears repeating – this is a cocktail classic that no flavor designer should ignore. One of the more interesting thing about mojitos is the many different recipes that can be crafted for a fun, unique twist on this classic beverage of choice. The flavor of mint pairs perfectly with many different fruits – try mint with pear, cranberry, lemon (and other types of citrus), or even strawberry for a delightful twist on this classic. The properties of mint mean that it pairs easily with virtually any type of fruit flavor, so there is quite a bit of room for flavor exploration.


Another favorite is the mint julep – which, like the mojito, can be concocted with many different flavors for a fun twist on this classic. The traditional mint julep is crafted with bourbon, so darker and sweeter fruit flavors can be perfectly combined with the mint julep for a delicious treat. Some examples include blackberry, citrus, and even peach. Be sure to experiment and explore different options to come up with something truly refreshing!


But what about new refreshing cocktail flavors? One of the most fascinating things in the world of cocktails is its focus on unusual, unique beverages, many of which are crafted with a foodie approach to flavor creation. Mint, along with numerous other types of herbs, can be used to craft a variety of interesting and flavorful beverages. Many different types of alcohol can be infused with mint (or flavor ingredients such as natural thio menthone or natural menthyl acetate) for the creation of a broad range of cocktails. These include vodka, rum, and tequila, to name just a few.


From there, bartenders can craft some pretty delectably unusual cocktails. How about a cucumber-mint tonic crafted with tequila, or watermelon-mint lemonade with a dash of vodka? Or even a peppermint martini for a festive way to ring in the holiday season? There are also plenty of options for mint flavored mixes and for virgin cocktails. The possibilities are endless, so be sure to explore them as you create delicious drinks.