Smoothie Moves: Great Flavors for Fruit and Veg Mixes

As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing quite as delicious as a refreshing fruit or veggie smoothie (or a combination of both!) Buyers these days agree. From smoothie shops to frozen smoothie mixes that allow shoppers to create delicious smoothies right at home, there are more ways than ever to craft these delectable drinks. And flavor designers have more options than ever when it comes to crafting delicious fruit and veg smoothie flavors for their customers!


There are tons of “basic” smoothie flavors. Strawberry-banana, berry mixes, and tropical mixes all feature prominently on smoothie bar menus and in grocery store freezers. It’s fairly easy to pump up the flavor in these smoothie products with the right combinations of ingredients, such as Natural Strawberry Furanone and Natural Banana Extract (both of which are crafted directly from all-natural ingredients, making them perfect for these healthy products). This is especially important for creating delicious smoothies that are made from frozen ingredients because they often tend to lose their natural flavors in the flash freezing process. Adding these natural flavor notes can keep them healthy while also keeping them absolutely delicious!


Another thing to keep in mind is that buyers today have more refined taste buds than ever before and are constantly seeking out new and unique smoothie flavors and flavor combinations. Chocolate flavors are a popular addition to smoothies, especially when mixed with fruits such as coconut (easily added to a product with Organic Coconut Distillate) and banana. Meanwhile, yogurt and cream are common in smoothies, as they help to create the base for the other fruit flavors. Dairy and cream notes can help to enhance the creaminess of a smoothie product, especially in at-home smoothie products. Creamy flavors produced from vegan flavor ingredients can be used to craft vegan-friendly smoothie products as well, so those looking to produce these products for the wider market should bear this in mind as well.


Even some veggies have made it into the smoothie mix, and the right flavor ingredients can help to produce a subtle veggie flavor in these products, whether you’re going for carrot or green ingredients such as spinach or kale. Smoothies are more popular than ever, and there are more varieties of smoothie available than you probably ever thought possible. Get in on the action by using delicious, all-natural flavor ingredients to craft tasty, healthy smoothie treats.