Soda Makers Offer New Flavor Opportunities

There are a lot of things that differentiate today’s buyers from those of the past. One of the biggest is the can-do, DIY attitude that so many people possess. While speed-scratch and “make it yourself” products have always been popular with many other types of food and beverage products, until recent years people were quite happy to buy their sodas by the can or by the bottle. However, that has seemingly changed.


More buyers than ever before are now buying their very own soda machines to make their own soda products right at home. These clever inventions allow people to create their own soda products using concentrated flavor packets. What that means for flavorists is that there are more opportunities than ever before to experiment with flavors and to do something a little bit different with their creations.


That’s because those same buyers willing to utilize these DIY at-home soda factories are also more willing to indulge in unique flavors. (There’s really nothing for them to lose if they create something that isn’t an instant favorite, after all.)  From raspberry flavors, which can be recreated by using Advanced Biotech’s Natural Raspberry Ketone, to flavors such as lemon, available by using flavor ingredients such as Natural Citronellal, which can be mixed in with types of soda such as cola, there are numerous different possibilities with this new soda option. It’s definitely something to look into as more homeowners get their very own soda fountains for their home kitchens.