Special Considerations for Craft and Small Batch Ingredients

Flavor and fragrance ingredients producers place a lot of focus on large, mass-market producers of goods. But just as important are those small and medium-sized businesses in need of ingredients for craft and small batch products.


Those who handcraft their items or who produce their goods in limited amounts have special considerations that in many ways are much different than the needs of mass market flavor and fragrance companies. This makes it important for them to find suppliers who can take these needs into consideration when it comes to supplying them with the ingredients they need for the creation of their products.


One of the biggest differences when it comes to acquiring flavor and fragrance ingredients for products in limited amounts is the importance of quality over quantity. It goes without saying that the less of an ingredient that one needs, the more time and attention they can pay to the excellence of that ingredient. This is especially true when it comes to acquiring specialized ingredients such as those that have organic certification or that are entirely vegan – something that is of increasing important for many small batch suppliers.


Being able to pay this level of attention to their ingredients also means that producers of these products can offer their customers a particular level of guarantee as to the quality of their products that larger businesses simply can’t – as a matter of fact, that’s just one of the many reasons that we love working with small businesses!


Another big benefit of purchasing craft and small batch ingredients is that, because they don’t have to focus as much on quantity, many flavor and fragrance producers can focus instead on the variety of ingredients that they obtain. Whether they simply want to experiment and explore their options with many different types of chocolate or vanilla or they want to extend their range beyond the basics with their product lines, these producers can effectively do so without the constraints of focusing on cost-effective supplies. This leads to greater experimentation and exploration, and even more flavor and fragrance design options in everything from ice cream to lotion.


There are benefits to working with both types of flavor and fragrance designers – large and small – and as ingredients suppliers, we always seek to consider the needs of all our customers equally.