Specialty Pasta Sauce Flavors

Pasta sauce options were pretty limited in years past. The majority of options featured variations of the same standard Marinara – options such as with meat, without meat, with mushrooms, and the like didn’t leave shoppers with that difficult of a choice in the grocery store aisle. However, that has changed, and the number of options available to shoppers – some of them incredibly high end – has skyrocketed in just a few years.


One way that flavorists are reinventing the traditional pasta sauce is by introducing new variations that have been a staple on the plates of gourmands for years. Wine flavors, such as those imparted by flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ethyl Furanone and Natural Ethyl Caprylate, are perfect for the recreating or enhancing the flavor of wines such as Merlot in spaghetti sauces. Of course, the possibilities do not end there. Vodka sauce is another class that is rising in prominence on grocery store shelves.


As far as meats go, while the beef and sausage classics still top sales, there are numerous other options available. Among these are seafood flavors ranging from clam – a classic – to salmon, which is an unusual but delicious variation on the traditional seafood-based tomato sauces. Bacon is yet another up-and-coming flavor option that has seen an enormous amount of popularity. It can easily be recreated in a tomato sauce product through the use of flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Guaiacol for smokiness and Natural Maple Furanone for the delicious, sweet component of this smoked meat.


These days, it seems as if there is a new flavor available on grocery store shelves during every visit. That is not surprising. Major twists on classic foods are in right now and in a big way. These alternative tomato sauce options can make for the perfect gourmet dish, even for the buyer who has just a little time and money to shop and prepare dinner for their family.