Spicy Sweet – The Wide Range of Uses for Ginger

Ginger is perhaps one of the most diverse food products out there. It appears in many different types of cuisines, many different types of food products, and has both a sweet and a savory appeal in flavor creation. When considering the many different uses of flavor ingredients such as Organic Ginger Extract, a great starting point is looking at the historical precedent there is for this type of flavor, and to use that to craft tasty new twists on these classic flavors.


Ginger is a popular addition to many types of savory goods and is especially prominent in Asian cuisine. Both sweet and a little bit spicy, ginger is a common addition to a multitude of sauces, and can be used to create more authentic flavors in Chinese, Japanese, and many other types of ethnic dishes. The sweet and biting flavor of ginger is also an especially popular component of many different types of Indian cuisine, and with this ethnic fare growing in popularity, flavor designers have plenty of different resources for inspiration when creating savory dishes.


One popular growing use of the flavor of ginger is in the creation of salad dressing and marinades – those with an Asian twist as well as many others. It can be combined with more savory notes such as garlic or soy sauce, as well as with other sweet and tart flavors such as citrus to create delectable flavor combinations that today’s shoppers are sure to love. When using ginger to create delicious flavors, be sure to pay attention to the flavors that it is paired with, as the sharpness of ginger means that it must be carefully balanced to create the best possible combinations for these types of products.


Of course, the flavor of ginger is also incredibly popular in a range of traditional baked goods and other types of items – especially cookies. The seasonal appeal of ginger cannot be overstated, and the flavor of ginger cookies and gingerbread can be found in everything from frozen desserts to confectionery treats. For example, gingerbread cookie flavored ice cream is a holiday favorite, and you can even find dessert options such as gingerbread cake frozen yogurt as a seasonal treat.


Needless to say, there are plenty of ways to use ginger, from the creation of traditional dishes to new, fusion flavors and more. Be sure to explore these options when you set out to use this flavor in the creation of different dishes.