Spring Fragrance Trends

Spring may seem a long ways away, but designers and manufacturers are already turning their attention to warm weather fragrances. Fresh scents inspired by nature such as crisp greenery and vibrant citrus are the focus of spring perfume trends this year. Join us as we explore three fragrance notes consumers can look forward to seeing on shelves this coming spring season.




Green fragrances represent a wide variety of aromas inspired by nature, from woody to herbaceous, floral to spice. While this genre is vast, it encompasses many classic favorites like rosemary, mint, cilantro, and cedar and is a suitable compliment to many fragrances tones like citrus and fruit. Appropriate for both formal and everyday wear, there is sure to be a perfume with green tones that will satisfy all fragrance lovers this spring.




Nothing says warm weather more than the sweet, indulgent scent of ripe fruits. Peach, green apple, mandarin, and blackberry – these vibrant, juice fragrances can be paired with many different scents to create perfumes that range from youthful to sophisticate. Natural fruit scents play well with classic staples like rose, bergamot, lavender, and jasmine to suit every occasion.




No longer in hiding, perfumes and colognes utilizing the spicy scent of cannabis oil are hitting fragrance counters. Once taboo, high-end beauty influencers, designers, and average consumers alike are embracing fragrances designed to highlight the aroma of cannabis. This on-trend fragrance has a peppery smell that pairs especially well with herbaceous, leather, and woody scents to create a masculine and mature fragrance. As cannabis becomes more accepted in mainstream society, we can expect to see more fragrances coming to retailers this spring season.


No matter the occasion or personal preference, the versatility of natural fragrances will always make them a popular choice. Fresh, vibrant scents are poised to be on trend this spring season, as many are looking to refresh their senses after a long winter.