Staple Flavors for Every Pantry

Keeping pantries well-stocked with kitchen staples making throwing together a quick and flavorful dinner after a long day, an impromptu snack, or a last-minute lunch easy. Basic, versatile ingredients that are budget-friendly and have a long shelf life are the key to stress-free home cooking. Join as at Advanced Biotech as we take a look at some of the flavorful ingredients we believe are essential to any pantry.


Dry Goods

                 Dry goods are typically the most versatile and least expensive ingredients to keep in stock. Buying products such as flour, oats, sugar, grains, dried beans, and lentils in bulk will cut down on cost as well as excesses packaging, making for buying habits that are good for both wallets and the environment.  Gluten-free alternatives like almond and coconut flour, chickpea pasta, and rice can also be purchased in bulk and stored long-term to suit a variety of dietary needs. Dried goods are the foundation of many recipes, whether it be nutritious oatmeal for breakfast, an easy pasta for dinner, or a quick batch of brownies – having a panty stocked with these items making home cooking effortless.


Oils and Sauces

                Bottled products like oils, vinegars, and premade sauces are a quick and versatile pantry staple, perfect for adding flavor to any dish. Dressings can be used as marinades for proteins, vinegar can be used to pickle fresh vegetables like onion or cucumbers, and olive oil can add an extra note of floral richness to any pasta dish or pan of roasted vegetables. Hot sauces such as sriracha and tabasco, both made from chilis, are shelf-stable before opening and add a spicy kick to everything from eggs to noodle bowls. Peanut butter can be combined with sesame oil and soy sauce for a quick satay sauce that perfectly compliments chicken, and mustard and mayonnaise are always handy to have within reach for sandwiches, burgers, and creative homemade sauces. Honey is perfect for everything from sore throats to elevating a marinade or sauce, and keeps for years.


Herbs and Spices

                 Herbs and spices are every pantry’s secret weapon. Generally inexpensive and extremely long-lasting when kept in airtight containers away from direct sunlight, dried herbs and spices add flavor and nutrition to practically any dish. Many spices can also be purchased in bulk and are ideal to have on hand to elevate the flavor of anything from chili to soups, stir fry and proteins, to sautéed vegetables, and even baked goods. Spices and herbs can also be combined to create globally-inspired flavor profiles such as adobo or curry, and can also be used to holistically boost health. Try creating a golden milk latte using turmeric to reduce inflammation or cinnamon and ginger in warm tea to boost immunity and fight the common cold.


While often far from exciting, pantry staples are essential to kitchens everywhere. They making cooking healthy and inexpensive meals a seamless process that is full of flavor.