Summertime Fragrance Favorites for 2016

There are some things that are universal when it comes to the top fragrances for summer. Fresh, vibrant, exciting aromas reign supreme when it comes to bath and body products as well as perfumes for men, women, and even younger individuals alike. However, this year is seeing some particular favorites that stand out when it comes to the top summertime aromas.


Citrus aromas are always big, and can be recreated through the use of fragrance ingredients such as Natural Citrus Enhancer, Natural Citronellal, and Natural Octanol, all available from Advanced Biotech’s line of Natural Aromatic fragrance ingredients. However, what makes the top citrus fragrances for 2016 unique is the fact that lesser-utilized citrus aromas are seeing a major surge in popularity.


While aromas such as orange and lemon are always popular hits, especially when combined with other fragrance notes such as light florals, traditional florals such as rose, and even herbal aromas such as mint, refreshing aromas such as grapefruit are steadily rising in popularity – not to mention variations such as clementine and blood orange, with is notably sweeter and more tart than its standard counterpart.


On that note, one more thing to keep in mind about the top aromas of 2016 is that simpler is bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before. The rise of artisanal and all-natural aromas means that just two or three major aroma notes are taking over, leaving the more complex perfumes and colognes of the past in the dust. Consider fragrance options making use of strong, aromatic natural fragrance ingredients to make a real statement.


And in keeping with the seasonal trends of the winter months, one more major trend in summer fragrances for 2016 is the growing popularity of “food” fragrances – from refreshing mint julep to lemon cookies, fragrance products that recreate popular comfort foods are even more popular now than ever before. There is plenty of room for perfumists to play around with these new fragrance trends and to create something truly special for buyers, regardless of the area of the industry that they are working in.