Sustainable Food Trends

Sustainability has been on the tops of many peoples’ minds lately as climate change, flooding, and wildfires have proven to be challenging reminders of the importance of environmental preservation. As similar issues continue to crop up around the globe, many are asking themselves how they can make an impact and be more sustainable. Increasingly, consumers are looking for clean label products with claims of sustainability, fair trade, and non-GMO as a way to alter their everyday lives in order to make a difference. Along with the demand for organic foods, many other trends in responsible consumption are emerging. Today, we at Advanced Biotech are taking a look at concepts we believe will continue to influence sustainability going forward.


Plant-Based Alternatives

            Plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy have been causing major disruptions in the industry as of late. With mainstream fast food chains offering up plant-based patties and brands constantly offering up vegetarian alternatives to everything from chicken nuggets to fish filets, consumers have purchased almost 160 million units of plant-based meats in 2019, according to Global Citizen. With the plant-based industry growing over 20% in the last year and constantly climbing, brands continue to innovate as consumers continue to reach for products that eliminate the need for unsustainable farming practices that negatively impact the environment.


Planet-Friendly Plastics

            The danger of single-use plastics has become much more prevalent over the past few years, as research shows that they are one of the most environmentally damaging products. Food-related single-use plastic accounts for nearly 40% of all single-use plastic, and consumers are looking for more sustainable ways to decrease these numbers as global warming and environmental preservation become more imperative than ever. Plant-based, biodegradable plastic made from renewable sources is becoming a mainstream way to forgo the use of harmful traditional plastics, and we can expect to see an increase in similar packaging within the next few years. Products that boast long-term use like reusable shopping bags, water bottles, food wrappings, and storage containers are also becoming popular purchases this year as acts to ban plastic bags and straws continue to be passed.


Natural Nutrition

            All-in-one multivitamins and daily use over the counter drugs are becoming a thing of the past as many are turning to more natural solutions for long-term health benefits. Many are incorporating ingredients like turmeric, coconut oil, and CBD into their everyday diets, and while brands are also following the cue and producing more holistic health products, they are also taking note of where these functional ingredients are sourced from. Brands are using callouts like sustainably farmed, responsibly sourced, and fair trade to entice environmentally-conscious consumers. As consumers become more tuned into healthier standards of lifestyle and wellness, as well as where their supplements are coming from, we can expect to continue to see natural supplements with responsible origins popping up in stores and pharmacies.         


            While lifestyle adjustments take time, there are small steps that can be taken to live a more sustainable life. Companies are making it easier for consumers to be more environmentally-friendly as they continue to innovate and create responsible and sustainable products.