Sweet, Spicy, Savory and More: Great Chicken Wing Flavors

Chicken wings are perhaps the world’s favorite type of appetizer, and the incredible variety of flavor options available when it comes to the seasonings, spices, and sauces used on chicken wings is unmatched. Whether a flavorist is looking to recreate (or perhaps even to reinvent) a classic flavor such as barbecue or they are looking to create a new flavor altogether, there are an incredible broad range of options to choose from when creating delicious flavors for chicken wing products.


Among the many more traditional flavors, there are a multitude of ingredients that can be used to create excellent products. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Garlic Oil is an essential in the creation of many different flavors of sauces, including everything from barbecue to Italian inspired sauces such as Garlic Parmesan. Moreover, as for the aforementioned barbecue, there are many different varieties that can be created. However, among the most popular are those with sweet honey notes, which can be accomplished through the use of flavor ingredients from Advanced Biotech such as Natural Honey Reaction.

Great Chicken Wing Flavors

Clockwise from top left: Korean, Miso, Jerk, black pepper fish sauce, lemon garlic, curried yogurt. Image: NY Times


Asian style chicken wings are especially popular at the moment as well and contain any of a number of different ingredients in order to create their complex flavors. Teriyaki and a variety of different sauces seeking to replicate the flavor of soy may make use of flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Savory Complex. Additionally, for the characteristic ginger flavor found in many of these chicken wing styles, Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ginger Oil is the perfect addition to a chicken wing recipe.


There are an incredible number of ingredients that flavorists can make use of in order to create delicious products. These can range from the sauces themselves to frozen wings for restaurants or for sale in grocery store freezers. Buyers looking for the perfect finger food now have a wide variety of options to choose from.