Tasty Trends in Chocolates to Look for in 2020

The chocolate market is booming and expected to continue its upward climb. Population growth, increasing purchasing power, and growing demand for premium indulgences are all driving the upswing. Ironically, another factor in its success is the increasing interest in healthy lifestyles – a factor that is driving consumption of organic, sugar-free, and dark chocolate.


As customers become more aware of the effects food has on their health and the well-known health benefits of dark chocolate, the demand for healthy confectioneries grows. This category includes fortified organic, functional, and reduced-fat and -sugar varieties. People also seem to have a growing love affair with handcrafted chocolates, with many startups dabbling in the chocolate-making arts.


When it comes to flavor, there’s no shortage of trends to follow. Brands would do well to take note of the following flavoring trends, all of which can influence fine and healthy chocolate products.


  • Florals and botanicals. Floral flavors have gained momentum in recent years and are now expanding into the world of chocolatiers. Rose, rhubarb, citrus, berries, and various spices have all made their way into sweets – including chocolates. Hibiscus is a highly popular taste this year thanks to its comforting floral aroma and slightly tangy flavor profile, a lovely combination against a chocolate base. Lavender, Lilac, violet, rose, and honeysuckle are also key floral flavors to watch.
  • Citrus. Flavors derived from fruits and vegetables will remain a go-to palette for food brands, including chocolate makers. Tried-and-true citrus flavors will stay on the radar, including lemon, orange, and lime, while new and unusual citrus tastes are gaining popularity. Watch for kumquat, yuzu, and calamondin to enjoy their time in the spotlight in the upcoming year.
  • Sweet and bitter. Honey, maple, molasses, and wormwood will all be strong performers. All of these flavors have potential, especially in combination with other popular flavors. For example, honey pairs well with many other flavors, such as lavender, pistachio, lemon, or orange. Other sweet delights such as maple with coffee or lemon are also expected, along with complex, bitter-herbal flavors.


These are just a few of the trends we’re expecting as the popularity of this ubiquitous indulgence grows. Our natural flavor ingredients are a great place to start when you’re creating your own new chocolate flavors.