Tea Infused Cocktails, Ice Cream, and More

While tea has been popular throughout human history, its flavor is trending now more than ever. Not content to enjoy tea as a beverage on its own, this product has been brought into the rest of the flavor industry and can now be found in everything from tea flavored cocktails to tea infused ice creams, which can be an especially high-end treat for gourmands.


When it comes to tea-infused cocktails, this trend is part of a larger movement that is seeing flavored alcoholic beverages of all kinds introduced onto the market. Specifically, tea-infused cocktails are part of the movement toward delicious herbal alcoholic drinks. Because of that, the sheer number of tea-infused cocktails that are being made available is pretty large, and limited only by the types of tea flavors that are available. Black tea, sweet iced tea flavors, and green tea flavors are just a few examples.


As popular as they are in cocktails, tea flavors in ice cream products are growing in number by the day. Specific types of tea drinks can easily be recreated in a delicious ice cream product with the use of the right ingredients. Green tea ice cream has been a big hit in Asia for a while, and is just now beginning to see major popularity in the West. Black tea flavors can easily be created in a product through the use of Natural 2 Nonanone, available through Advanced Biotech’s line of natural flavor ingredients. The addition of other ingredients such as honey, possible with the use of natural honey reaction, can make for a well-rounded tea flavor that recreates what buyers might get to experience in a glass or from their favorite coffee shop.


These flavors are high end, luxury flavors created for those who have gourmet tastes. However, they are relatively simple and clean, so it’s no surprise that they’re becoming so popular. They are easy to create, and offer delicious flavor options, from simple green tea to the more complex notes of Chai.