Thanksgiving Flavor Innovations

Thanksgiving Day is finally here and many consumers are looking for flavor inspiration to bring new dimension and interest to traditional Thanksgiving recipes. Advanced Biotech takes a look at natural flavors that will keep friends and families coming back for seconds.




            Not just for summer backyard barbecues, smoky flavors bring mouth-watering savoriness to a variety of recipes. Utilizing an outdoor smoker, turkey lovers have been infusing this main dish wish woody flavors while those with more limited space can bring this flavor to side dishes like stuffing and casseroles in the form of bacon or chorizo. However consumers decide to incorporate this flavor into their meals, they can be assured that guests will appreciate this delicious twist on Thanksgiving dinner.


Sweet and Savory


            While sweet apple pie or savory green bean casserole are always a welcomed addition to any Thanksgiving feast, mashups of these traditional flavors are bringing nuance and freshness to roasts, side dishes, and desserts alike. Apples play well with everything from pork to herbs and spices, making this festive fruit a great choice to pair with holiday hams and stuffing. Tangy cranberry sauce is revitalized by savory additions like caramelized onions and jalapenos, and citrus-roasted turkey adds a dash of vibrancy to any dinner table.




            As much as consumers enjoy traditional holiday fare, many chili heads are looking for new ways to incorporate their obsession into Thanksgiving dishes. A new take on this festive staple, fiery food loving consumers may want to try cranberry salsa spiced with jalapeno peppers and cayenne. Creamy pumpkin soup enhanced with red pepper flakes and fresh herbs kicks off Thanksgiving with a burst of spice, followed by delicious chipotle-baked ham. The possibilities are endless when it comes to spicing up Thanksgiving dinner and consumers will enjoy discovering new ways to ignite their taste buds.