The Best Alternative Chili Flavors

Chili is a classic, and depending on the person that you’re talking to, may be very strictly defined as far as what’s an ingredient and what’s not. However, the overwhelming majority of shoppers are willing to try something a little bit different, even if these alternative versions of chili do not meet the classical definition. When it comes to canned chilies, many of these new variations are hitting grocery store shelves in a big way, and for good reasons. From vegetarian versions to versions that feature chicken, there are plenty of great new options for the flavorist that is looking to create something a little bit different.


Vegetarian options in particularly are increasingly popular, as they are meeting the particular demands of those shoppers who don’t want to give up this classically meat-heavy dish, even if they choose to live a meat-free lifestyle. Flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Savory Complex, are perfect for getting the right savory feel in these products without the addition of beef.


Chicken chili is also an excellent, flavorful option that can contain myriad different ingredients. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Garlic Oil is a natural choice for the creation of a dish such as “white” chicken chili, which utilizes a creamy base and sharp flavor note for a delicious alternative to the standard option. Green pepper, which can be added to a product through the use of Advanced Biotech’s 2 Methoxy 3 Isobutyl Pyrazine, can also help to enhance the overall flavor of this type of dish.


There is much room to explore when it comes to chili alternatives. From hot and spicy options to filling, savory options, and from the traditional to the truly unique, there are an incredible number of options to explore. Flavorists can explore the many options afforded to them through the use of quality, Natural Flavor Ingredients in order to create a variety of chili dishes.