The Best Uses For Bacon Flavor

For the past couple of years, bacon has been getting much buzz, and it is not all that difficult to see why. Bacon flavor is one of the most popular flavors of the moment, appearing in all the expected places – in the creation of flavors for pasta sauces, for example – as well as in numerous unexpected places, such as the creation of delicious dessert products.


The complex flavor of bacon requires careful formulation. Flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Guaiacol for smokiness and Natural Maple Furanone are just a couple of the components that can make for a great bacon flavor in any of a number of different products.


The savory uses for bacon flavor, available through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Bacon Type Enhancer, are numerous. On the practical side, recreating the flavor of bacon is commonly used for the creation of “bacon bits,” which can be used on salads. Bacon flavors are also commonly used on snack food products such as potato chips, snack crackers, and even bacon-flavored popcorn. For a more authentically “meaty” flavor, the aforementioned ingredients can be combined with elements such as Natural Savory Complex in order to make the flavor even more realistic.


There are numerous different dessert applications for bacon flavor as well. Among the most common is the recreation of bacon flavor in products such as frosting for cakes and cupcakes. Boosting the maple flavor in these products can help to enhance the sweet qualities of the flavor and prevent the savory notes of the product from being too overwhelming. Bacon also pairs well with peanut butter flavor, such as that provided by Natural 2,3,5 Trimethyl Pyrazine, a combination that is perfect for brownies, cookies, and much more.


There are countless possibilities to explore, and plenty of time to explore them as the popularity of bacon flavors does not seem set to go away anytime soon. From savory favorites to delicious desserts, bacon is everywhere in the flavor industry.