The Code of Nature™ and Its Role in Developing New Flavors

As environmental concerns and pressures increase along with growing health and longevity concerns, consumers increasingly look for more natural ingredients in food and beverages, demanding transparency around ingredients, production, manufacture, supply chain, eco-responsibility, and sustainability.
This “pure & natural” trend can incorporate imitated natural tastes by providing fresh, authentic flavors or more unusual tastes and sensations through natural sources, fewer artificial or harmful additives, and fewer processes.
Natural ingredients include those sourced from nature–plants, animals, minerals, and microbial elements—that are less processed and extracted in a simple and eco-friendly way. The trend also avoids harsh synthetics, chemicals, and toxins used in production or manufacture.
The global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend, with an increased focus on a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. At the same time, consumers still want their favorite tastes and textures, seeking increasingly sensual experiences and feeling ever-more adventurous towards components and flavors.
So how are mindful manufacturers achieving purity, naturalness, and novelty?
Discover the Code of Nature™
Dynamic consumer and category trends mean that competitive manufacturers must stay on top of fast-changing desires and demands, leverage opportunities, and overcome challenges quickly and creatively. “Pure & natural” products must also remain familiar and appealing to consumers while being credibly natural and healthful.
This need for foresight, agility, and adaptability can leave some brand teams feeling overwhelmed and lagging. Symrise’s Code of Nature™ offers manufacturers a “pure & natural” framework solution that combines the potency of nature with the power of science for a simple yet strategic outlook on creating more natural and nutritious flavors.
The holistic approach incorporates four pillars.

  • Making consumer-driven decisions: Manufacturers can rely on data and insights to effectively identify, understand, and respond to changing consumer demands, even anticipating their needs. In the process, they can learn to innovate for sustainability and success, optimizing sources, production, and manufacturing processes.
  • Relying on superior naturals: While manufacturers can rely on their consumers to want a consistent product look, taste, and mouthfeel, nature is more difficult to predict in weather, crop yield, and quality. Brands are turning to superior natural ingredient producers to achieve consistency in flavor, aroma, and product experience. Responsibly sourced pure and authentic products and “greener” state-of-the-art extraction methods make reputable ingredients the natural solution to sustaining product quality.
  • Using applied science: Using cutting-edge knowledge, techniques, and technologies yields purer, less processed, and more concentrated extracts. Consumers benefit from stable, tastier, and more unique flavor and aroma profiles—all developed more sustainably and cost-efficiently for the brand.
  • Respecting regulations: This framework unites consumer insights, natural components, and advanced scientific capability under strict regulatory alignment, delivering reliable and certified molecules.

It’s a 360-degree approach to a natural solution at “the frontier of science”. This process includes listening to consumers, leveraging thought leadership and technology, and adhering to regulations to deliver compelling, high-quality flavor ingredients and products.
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Advanced Biotech’s comprehensive and growing range of pure and natural ingredients offers the ideal flavor and aroma solutions for your beverage or food flavor innovation.
Delight your consumer with healthier and more natural sweet, spicy, savory, nutty, creamy, or exotic flavored products that are also pure, healthier, and respectful of our planet’s natural resources.
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