The Most Delicious Sherbets and Sorbets

There are numerous types of frozen favorites out there, including ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato. But sherbets and sorbets remain one of the top frozen treats for summer. They’re especially popular right now, as they can be created by using all natural ingredients without excessive amounts of sugar and other unhealthy components, making for summer dessert items that are as healthy as they are flavorful.


These delicious cold desserts come in a number of classic flavors, but there is still a lot of room to play around and to create something unique with these frozen treats, so flavorists shouldn’t count them out as they begin to explore new flavor options for summer.


So let’s start with those classics. Perhaps the most common sherbet and sorbet treat is orange flavor. The combination of sweet and tart in this classic dessert makes it perfect throughout the warmer months. Other citrus favorites that have the same appeal include both lemon and lime. Strawberry is another favorite. As opposed to strawberry ice cream, which emphasizes the dairy components of the dish and utilizes Natural Vanillin in its recipe, strawberry sherbet and sorbet instead focus on bringing out the delicious, natural flavor of the fruit itself.


However, it’s the more unique flavors and combinations that really take the cake. Pomegranate is one of the biggest super foods on the market right now, showing up everywhere from the juice aisle to the snack food aisle. It makes sense that this unique fruit is perfect in sherbets and sorbets, where it can make for a delicious and exotic treat. Variations of classic flavors are definitely in as well. Just as you can find the unique flavor of blood orange in the soda aisle, you can also find it on freezer shelves, as it makes an incredible flavor for a sherbet or sorbet dish.


Here’s a quick tip for flavorists – when it comes to creating delicious frozen fruit products, check out the hottest juice flavors for a little bit of inspiration. There are a host of options available, and with the growing popularity of these items, there is no reason not to explore what they have to offer.