The Most Unexpected Uses for Chocolate Flavor

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Though there are admittedly a few who aren’t as obsessed with this divine treat as the rest of us, chocolate is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular flavors, whether it’s used as a confectionary treat, in baked goods, or to enhance a delicious dessert of any other kind. But with the universal appeal of chocolate comes a host of unusual uses that you may never have thought of.


Back before it become one of the most popular sweets in the world, chocolate was commonly used to create savory flavors. There are still plenty of recipes that call for chocolate as a savory ingredient today, many of them appearing in the repertoire of ethnic cooking, and especially in Latin American cuisines. Chocolate can be a great addition to spicy, chili-laden sauces, as well as in sauces for delicate meats in more gourmet food options, so don’t rule out giving chocolate a shot when creating flavor for one of these more unexpected types of dishes.


Chocolate flavor has also become increasingly common in the creation of cosmetics. And it’s not just flavored lip balm that we’re talking about here – chocolate flavor and aroma can be found in lotions, facial masks, and much more. Not a big surprise, especially considering the calming effects that chocolate can have on people – whether they’re eating it or absorbing the delicious fragrance of their favorite sweet treat.


The fact is, the flavor of chocolate, especially when provided with ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Choclatone, make it great for experimentation. Whether it’s being added to peanut butter for a unique new sandwich and dessert spread option or it’s being used in an even more unconventional way, there are a host of opportunities available for flavorists who want to be creative.