The Movement To Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty is taking over the skincare and cosmetics scene worldwide, with more celebrities and influencers switching to cleaner products every day. This article discusses the driving forces behind green beauty and how to navigate “natural” versus “organic” ingredient lists. We’ll also dive into a few of the biggest organic ingredient trends attracting eco-conscious beauty lovers in 2022.
The Driving Forces Behind the Natural Beauty Movement
A recent consumer study1 found that over 75% of beauty shoppers in the US are actively seeking out sustainable skincare and cosmetics. This eco-conscious behavior is reflected across almost all industries as the global climate crisis receives more media attention. While the climate crisis is driving the movement toward sustainably-sourced ingredients, the pandemic has directed attention toward superfoods and herbal extracts that boost skin health.
What’s the Difference Between “Natural” and “Organic” Skincare?
The terms “natural”, “green”, and “clean” are often used interchangeably in the beauty world, and there is limited regulation around this language for product labels. These terms could refer to a combination of ingredients, processing, and packaging methods that are subjectively not harmful to the environment or human health.
While the FDA2 lists their approved sources for Natural Flavoring Ingredients, there is little consideration for how they are derived or processed. The EFSA3 implements stricter processing standards for companies hoping to produce verified EU Natural Products. Natural ingredients are not intrinsically safe, eco-friendly, or organic.
EU and USDA-Certified Organic products must meet strict ingredient requirements and production standards. Here’s what makes a beauty product organic in the US:

  • 95% or more of the ingredients are derived from plant or animal sources
  • Plant-based ingredients have no exposure to chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
  • Ingredients derived from animals do not contain growth hormones or antibiotics
  • No ingredient may contain GMOs
  • Farming and processing practices must protect biodiversity, animal welfare, and natural resources

Trending Natural and Organic Ingredients for Skincare and Cosmetics
The global natural and organic cosmetics market value is expected to reach over $50 billion by 20264. Here are some of the top natural ingredients for makeup, hair products, and skincare in 2022:

  1. Fermented Ingredients
    Fermented botanicals such as rose, barley, soy, oat, and mushroom are trending for their ability to repair and strengthen the skin barrier. Many of these ingredients are also packed with post-biotics that promote a healthy skin microbiome.

  3. Natural Sources of Vitamin C
    Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals on the skin to repair damage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. The top natural vitamin-C containing ingredients this year are berries, algae, and Acai Extract.

  5. Hemp Seed and CBD Oils
    Cannabidiol and hemp seed oil have anti-inflammatory properties that may help soothe skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Water-soluble CBD is a new product that offers more effective absorption through the skin’s aqueous layer than traditional oil-based serums.

  7. Tea Tree Oil
    Natural Tea Tree Oil is celebrated for its antibacterial and acne-soothing properties. This essential oil is also popular for hair care as it can help reduce dandruff and treat other scalp conditions. There are many farming initiatives to keep the source of this wonder oil, melaleuca tree leaves, as a sustainable crop.

The ongoing climate crisis and attention to physical well-being have driven many beauty enthusiasts to choose safer, more eco-friendly products. Advanced Biotech is committed to providing high-quality natural fragrance and flavor ingredients to help you create powerful skincare inspired by nature. Our selection of EU Natural and USDA-Certified Organic additives harness fruit and herbal fragrances to bring your clean cosmetics to life. Please contact us for more information.