The Next Wave in White Tea

Nope. It isn’t just quiet old ladies from Britain drinking tea anymore. Popularity for the beverage is soaring in America as the number of tea-flavored products, which includes white tea, doubled in the last five years.


During the ancient Song Dynasty, royal families were the exclusive recipients of white tea. While white tea and black tea come from the same leaves, white tea isn’t oxidized when processed, which allows its unique and fragrant flavor to develop and instill feelings of nobility for consumers.


An Alternative to Energy Drinks


White tea is the least processed of all teas. It is showing up in various products in the energy drink market as a natural and healthy alternative to the heavily caffeinated offerings. A white tea pairs well with mango, citrus, and blackberry, is rich in antioxidants, and people drink it to provide a morning boost or an afternoon pick-me-up. It offers an excellent source for hydration, especially when added to natural mineral water. An infusion of white tea with natural aromas of blackcurrant, rose, or peach creates an excellent and refreshing energy drink for all consumers.




Calorie-free Ice pops from Norway were a smash hit when introduced with white tea and raspberry flavor in their ingredients. Lavender white teacake or white tea peach panna cotta are some delicate desserts that consumers are ordering from restaurants.



White tea is showing up in cocktails to excellent reviews. A summertime drink combines rum and white tea paired with lime juice and honey-lime syrup. Consumers are purchasing a white tea and watermelon cocktail that includes a splash of vodka. A drink that millennials enjoy is a passion fruit white tea cocktail that combines peach vodka and mint leaves. White tea and muddled basil mojito is a new twist on traditional mojito that includes white rum, honey, and mint leaves. The myriad of choices keeps consumers demanding more of the delicate and flavorful tea.


With the increase in tea-flavored products showing continued growth, it is no wonder that consumers are looking to white tea as a new and unique twist on black and green tea’s popularity.