The Top 5 Scented Candle Aromas

Scented candles have been around for many years, but innovations in fragrance ingredients have made them better and more aromatic than ever before. As such, over the past decade they have increased in popularity in the fragrance industry to the point of being a fully-fledged industry in their own right. One of the more interesting things about scented candles is the fact that buyers seek out innovation when it comes to the products that they purchase, often buying multiples in many different aromas in order to sample the newest and most innovative aromas on the market, as well as old classics.


However, there are some scented candle aromas that dominate the marketplace. Generally, the best scented candle aromas are capable of providing great ambiance and atmosphere to a room in addition to being able to cut through tough odors.


Vanilla is a classic scented candle aroma, and it can be used either on its own or combined with a variety of other fragrance ingredients, from floral aromas to fruit aromas, or those that can help to create the aromas of baked goods such as cookies or cake. One of the benefits of vanilla as a fragrance ingredient is that it is gender neutral, making it perfect for large homes with many different residents. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Vanillin easily adds a great vanilla aroma to scented candles.


Another of the more popular aromas for scented candles is lavender. As is the case with vanilla, one of the things that makes lavender stand out is the fact that it can be combined with many different fragrance ingredients for new and unique twists on this classic aroma. In fact, lavender and vanilla are often paired together for a warm, rich floral fragrance. Other fragrance ingredients that are often combined with lavender include citrus aromas and other floral aromas such as rose.


On that note, citrus aromas are also popular in the scented candle market. The type of citrus used can vary, although the most common are orange, lime, lemon, and grapefruit. Citrus aromas are great when used in the kitchen, as they can provide a fresh atmosphere for the home. Grassy or herbaceous aromas are often used with products such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Octanal for a particularly fresh and invigorating aroma.


Cinnamon is commonly used in combination with other aromas, such as apple, and can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for one’s home. However, cinnamon as an ingredient has a naturally mild aroma, necessitating the use of ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Cinnamic Acid to recreate this fragrance.


Last but not least, the most popular scented candle aroma is invariably rose. Rose has been among the most popular scents in the world for a long while, and this trend has continued on into the present. Rose aroma, which can be recreated with products such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Neryl Acetate and Natural Nerol, comes in many variations. There are also numerous fragrance combinations that utilize rose, such as rose and leather or rose and woody aromas. As such, there is a lot of room for those creating custom aromas to explore.