passion fruit

The Uses for Exotic Passion Fruit Flavor

The popularity of flavors such as lemon and passion fruit have increased according to Mintel and the two are some of the top growing flavors to watch for according to Mintel Menu Insights. From house-made vinegars from fruits to desserts passion fruit is finding its way into some of our favorite categories. In 2019, we expect the Pacific Rim exotic passion fruit flavor to enhance colorful smoothie bowls and cocktails all over social media.


As consumers continue to explore the world through their palate, flavor inspiration from the Pacific Rim are popping up on grocery shelves and restaurants. Flavor ingredients such as natural Passion Fruit Mercaptan 1% PG and natural Passion Fruit Mercaptan 1% Etoh, both used for the sweet flavor of passion fruit, can be found in numerous different types of products. These flavor ingredients are especially popular in confectionery items, which include products such as hard candy and gummy candy, and may even include products such as RTD beverages. It is also often used in tropical fruit mixes for an extra boost of flavor.


The confectionery category has always been a sweet spot for consumers. Although consumers are becoming more health conscious, lighter options have flooded the market with guilt-free products. With this comes the introduction of savory and spicy flavors into dairy as well as the sightings of dragonfruit, passion fruit and aloe vera in greek yogurt.