The Wide Variety of Berry Flavors

Pop back a decade or so, and you would find that most of the berry flavors on the market were either a catch-all flavor (with names like Very Berry, Berry Blast, and the like) or they were only specific to the most popular types of berry flavor, such as strawberry and raspberry. While strawberry (produced through the use of ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Strawberry Furanone) remains one of the most popular berry flavors on the market, many more have been made possible in recent years through new innovations in the industry.


One of the hottest new berry flavors is blackberry, notable for being a bit sweeter and smoother than other types of berry flavors, with a tart finish that gives it additional appeal. Blackberry has most often been found in baked flavors such as pies and in the creation of delicious beverages – especially teas. Now it can be found in natural sodas, and it’s especially popular when mixed with other delicious fruit flavors such as citrus.


Another popular berry flavor, raspberry, has been popular for decades. However, the raspberry flavor that’s dominated the market is now being replaced by a sweeter and more natural raspberry flavor. Ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Raspberry Ketone can be used to recreate this more natural raspberry flavor, and can be used in numerous different products from confectionery treats to beverages, baked goods, and much more.


Even classics like blueberry are seeing growth in the flavor market, largely due to the same flavor combinations that have made flavors such as blackberry a huge hit in the last few years. While a staple in baked goods and pastries, blueberry is only just beginning to grow in popularity. It can be found in numerous different types of juice drinks, in natural soda beverages, and in ice cream products.


When recreating (or enhancing) any of these berry flavors, flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ionone and Natural Fermentone are key in the creation of a great product. One thing to note about the growing berry trend is that it is largely tied into the creation of more natural, healthy products, so for many flavorists, it’s important to get the flavor of these berries right as well as to ensure they’re created using natural methods.