The Wide Variety of Novelty Candy Flavors

Novelty candies aren’t just kid’s stuff, even though pint-sized consumers are the biggest buyers of the more unusual confectionary treats on the market. While chocolate and hard candy favorites represent the biggest part of the candy market, there are a lot of fun candy creations out there, with more being developed every year.


Surprising flavors can be found in candy staples such as jellybeans to the various gummy candies on the market and even products such as powders, syrups, and much more. Whether a flavorist is looking to put a new spin on an old classic (such as banana flavor, which can easily be recreated with a flavor ingredient such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Allyl Heptoate) or they are looking to create a complex flavor combination such as birthday cake or an ice cream sundae, there are plenty of ways to create delicious new novelty candy products.


Unlike some other flavor trends, which have a growing tendency toward being simpler, cleaner, and more natural, there is still a lot of room for exploration and experimentation with novelty candy flavors. The market for these unusual treats is as strong as ever, with the most unusual flavor combinations attracting the most buyer attention. Flavorists who are looking to do something a little different have a lot of room to play in this market.