‘Tis the Season for Delicious Hot Drinks

When the mercury starts to drop, and there’s a distinctive chill in the air, nothing is quite as delightful as kicking back to enjoy your favorite hot beverage. Of course, there is quite the range of hot beverages to choose from! Regardless of whether you favor something savory or something decadently sweet, the options are seemingly endless. Here is a look at some of our favorite hot drinks to help celebrate the season.


Tea is great throughout the year but is especially enjoyable in the cooler months of the year. There are numerous seasonal types of teas that are seasoned and spiced with different flavors that make them particularly pleasant in the winter, such as chai. Chai incorporates everything from cinnamon to cardamom, and chai mixes can be a great way to make these delicious beverages accessible to everyone. The popularity of chai has led to many seasonal variations of the beverage as well, such as ginger-spiced chai and pumpkin chai, so there are plenty of new twists on chai to explore as well.


It goes without saying that coffee is always a favorite during the winter months, and there are more types of flavored coffees available during the holiday season than it would ever be possible to recount. Pumpkin flavored drinks are of course a favorite, but other flavors that have grown in popularity include special treats such as gingerbread and even toasted marshmallow.


If you enjoy hot chocolate, then you’ll already know that there are just as many flavorful types of cocoa out there are there are coffees and teas. As a matter of fact, hot chocolate is poised to become just as popular when it comes to flavor creation as these other mixed beverages. Salted caramel hot chocolate, mint flavored hot chocolate, and even Irish cream flavored hot chocolate represent just a few of the favorites that you’ll be able to find this holiday season.


One of the great things about creating these delicious hot beverages for the holiday season is that you don’t have to stick to the classics to create delicious new treats. Everything from Natural Mesifuran for burnt sugar flavors to Natural Menthyl Lactate for mint flavors can be used to create incredible flavor notes and to craft the next big flavor hit in tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and more. What are some of your own favorite hot drinks? Be sure to explore and to experiment during these coming cold months!