Top Trends for Men’s Fragrances

Fragrances for women are trending toward the artisanal, with simpler and more elegant aroma profiles and exotic florals and fruits making up the bulk of fragrance notes used in the creation of these products. While trends for men tend to be quite different in many respects, some of these same principles hold true for men’s colognes, as well as other personal care products ranging from shampoo and conditioner to lotion and aftershave.


Overall, men’s fragrances are trending toward the simple in design, with a few basic notes doing the majority of the work in some of the biggest colognes on the market. However, just because they’re simple doesn’t mean they aren’t bold. Spicy aromas such as saffron can add an exotic and unusual note to men’s colognes.


Another trend to watch out for is aromas that have typically been confined to women’s fragrances. Bright fruit aromas and even more unisex florals have made their way into men’s colognes, usually made stronger and bolder through the addition of musky or woody notes to give them the edge that guys expect when searching for a fragrance product.


Green and herbal aromas, which can range from freshly cut grass (and can be added by using Advanced Biotech’s 2-acetyl thiazole) to bright and powerful mint, are also expected to be utilized in surprising ways this year. Any man looking for something a little bit unique and different to add to his toiletries collection will be sure to find it this year.